Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I admit it, I cracked.

Yep, I cracked. I wanted a knitblog too. Thus, this!

This blog will be where I (primarily) talk about knitting. It's mainly so that I can continue to read other folks' knitblogs and not feel like some kind creepy stalker when I post comments "anonymously" (i.e. blogless, and therefore without identity). Also so that I can stop boring my LiveJournal friends with my ramblings about knitting.

Now I know that the world needs another knitblog like a yarn stash needs a moth infestation, but still, perhaps in time I can elevate this blog from the disjointed thoughts of the craft-compulsive to something useful, like how-tos, or fun, like free patterns. For now, though, it's the ramblings and rantings of a woman with too much free time at work and not enough knitting time at home.


jodi said...

Welcome, so glad you could make it. Please accept this motivational reading material and this tall, cool glass of Kool-Aid.

For dyeing, of course.

Gulfpirate said...

Dyeing's no way to make a living.

I probably won't read here as religiously as your LJ, given my lack of cnitting ken. I hope you are happy here, and that having the knitblog you secretly have been craving doesn't keep you from the occasional post for us non-knitters too!